5 Easy Morning Hairstyles for Kids Getting Back To School

It’s every parent’s dream to have their child wake up well-rested and ready to start the day, but many children still require some extra encouragement to get out of bed and face the day head on, especially when it comes to morning haircare routines. Fortunately, these 5 easy morning hairstyles are simple enough that your kids can do them by themselves with minimal training, yet versatile enough that you can dress them up or down as needed throughout the day!

Curly Hair

While curls are a cute and easy way to wear your hair, it can get annoying having to fight with it all day. The easiest solution is to spray damp hair with a light-hold styling product (we like Fairytales Curly Q spray gel) and comb through for even distribution. Then separate hair into 2-inch sections, twist, and secure each one in place with a bobby pin at night before bed. The next morning you’ll wake up with perfect spirals that don’t look as if they took all that much effort—and because of how tight they are secured, they shouldn’t fall out over time or during physical activity.

Wavy Hair

If your kid has naturally wavy hair, then you’re in luck! Just wet the hair in the shower and use a fine-tooth comb to run it through. Then, start at one side and work your way around to create a loose braid (or two smaller braids). Next, tie each braid with an elastic band just under the ear. The final touch is to separate out a few strands of hair around their face with your fingers or spray them with hairspray for added volume.

Braided Updo

A braided updo is easy to do and looks great. First, brush out your child’s hair so it’s smooth and tangle-free. Then, starting at one ear, braid until you reach their other ear; secure with a small elastic. Pull any stray hairs back into place and voila! You have an easy hairstyle that will last all day. For older kids (and adults), try placing flowers or bows in braids to add some fun flair!


Children of all ages can pull off a ponytail. It's a classic, easy hairstyle that's cute and quick to create. If you want your child to start doing their own hair, try working with them in front of a mirror. Once they know what's going on, show them how to braid or twist some strands into a ponytail (how high up depends on age). Next, twist it around itself and clip it into place.

Two Strand Twist Out

The two-strand twist-out is a cute and easy way to create hairstyles that are both natural-looking and easy to maintain. To get started, wash your child’s hair as you normally would in the morning. Then comb it out with a wide-tooth comb, starting at the scalp and working down towards the ends. Separate the hair into two sections. Starting from about mid-shaft on one side, twist it away from their face, crossing over to meet up with a corresponding section on the other side of their head. Continue until you reach just above ear level; secure using an elastic band or satin scarf (if the hair is long enough). Continue alternating sides until you reach below ear level.

We hope these simple hair styles let you take back a bit of your morning without sacrificing style. If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, please feel free to reach out! Have a wonderful day! 

Featured image by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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