A Cut Above the Rest | The Gentleman's Cut

I was talking with our stylists about what they think our most popular little boy haircut currently is. Also, if they have seen any change from pre-covid to now? Their answer was the forever classic, Gentleman's haircut, also sometimes referred to as the comb over. Which as far as requests have gone, has not really been affected by COVID.

The Gentleman's haircut is manageable for just about any hair type and an easy upkeep for parents. It is also considered one of the vintage haircuts that has been making a comeback over the last few years. You can easily find it on many leading actors and TV series like Mad Men. It is a classic short back, short sides and then a longer top. How long you want the top can be really personalized from child to child, based on type of hair (curly, wavy, thick etc). It can also be styled or left natural.

For a more styled look,, you can use the Cookie Cutters Lime Shine to hold the style all day long!



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