Baby's First Haircut | Wonderful memories for you and your children

So your Baby is ready for their FIRST Haircut!

This is one of my personal favorites to watch at Cookie Cutters Haircut for Kids! We get dozens of these each week. It’s often a major milestone which many parents look forward to. Some parent’s cry, a few are filled with anticipation, for their kid's reaction and others are ecstatic for this sign of their child’s growth. Whichever category you fall into we’ve got you! Also, a first haircut does not have to mean it’s for a baby. I personally had never had my daughter’s haircut, until I opened Cookie Cutters and she was five! We have had everything from newborns to eight year olds. We are ready when you and your child are!

So what does our baby's first haircut include?

Our Baby’s First Haircut package includes:

  1. A certificate, to commemorate the day
  2. A lock of your kiddos hair
  3. And a final picture, of course!

Concerned about your baby's comfort? So are we!

  • We do have special baby seats with seatbelt.
  • Or they can also sit on a parent’s lap and if you are ok with it.
  • Your child can watch their favorite kid TV show (we have Disney and Netflix).
  • Also, they can have a lollipop (if parent approved) and a balloon in the end for a job well done.

What a better way to end their first haircut! Our stylists are pros with kids of all ages! They know how to roll with the wiggles and have many cute, little distractions. Plus, they are perfectly at ease answering any questions before or during the haircut. We love our little first time clients and seeing them return throughout the years!

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