Brushes For Kids!

Brushing can be hard, and sometimes even painful for your child, depending on their hair type, shampoo, or how tangled their hair may be.

We have all experienced this, but if you didn't know they type of brush you are using can drastically change the experience. For kids, and often for adults we recommend you give a WetBrush a try.

What is a WetBrush? What makes it any different?

  • A WetBrush is a a brush with soft “Intelliflex” bristles while normal hairbrush has hard bristles that do not as easily glide through hair.
  • They are made to glide through hair differently helping to reduce breakage and discomfort.
  • Plus WetBrush comes in tons of characters, colors, and designs! Perfect for making brushing a fun and personalized experience.
  • By removing some of the pain and difficulty while brushing they also may help your child develop good hair habits early and into the future.

We can honestly say that these brushes are a tool every parent should have. Not only do they make brushing your child’s hair MUCH easier. But, they are also very durable and tend to last a good long while (But don't be surprised if your child wants to collect more of the fun characters or design).

We hope you find this and tips like it useful. If you have any questions you would like answers to, or if you just want to drop a friendly hello to your favorite stylist feel free to reach out!

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