Cowlick Crisis | Stubborn swirls

Does your son have that stubborn hair that just no matter what you do it doesn't lay right? He could have one of these or the MANY other types of cowlicks (hurricane). There are half swirls, full swirls and even a combination of them.

When it comes to cowlicks there isn't much we, or anyone else can do about them, as they are a pattern in the growth, often starting in the scalp. There are however some tricks we can TRY,  often with success, but sometimes even those don't work completely!

One of my favorite tricks is to take the bottom half of the cowlick off and keep the top part a bit longer. That way when it grows out you won't have the dreaded peacock (alfalfa) hairstyle to contend with. Texturing and debulking of the cowlick can also help it to lay down, or become a bit more manageable. In any case, I find that it is much better to work with them instead of against, when styling hair with cowlicks.

Thought they come in many shapes and sizes, in the hands of a skilled stylist, they can also make your child's hair style more unique to them. They don't have to be a curse, and can actually give a lot of character to a good cut, when done properly. 

If your kiddo has cowlicks or any other type of stubborn hair, book an appointment today, and let one of our amazing staff give them a cut above the rest! And as always feel free to drop us a line with any questions, comments, or tips that you would like to see featured in our blog! 

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