Cradle Cap, and how to curb it!

What is Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is commonly found in age ranges from newborn to 12 months old. It is caused by seborrheic dermatitis, where the skin over produces its natural oils. It typically looks like yellow, scaly patches on a baby’s head, behind their ears and/or eyebrows. Older children can also get cradle cap, most commonly when their shampoo is not being completely rinsed out. Cradle cap is generally more of a cosmetic problem but if the build up gets too bad, it can lead to inflamed sores.

So how should you treat Cradle Cap?

  1. A simple daily washing of your child’s hair with a mild shampoo (we recommend the Original Sprout Hair and Body wash).
  2. After the shampoo has been rubbed in you take a small comb or soft bristled brush to loosen the patchy buildup. It is best to go first one direction, with your comb and then go in another direction, to really loosen everything up.
  3. Once you have started getting those patches to release cradle cap will generally start to clear up.

If you want some one-on-one help or pointers bring your kiddo on into Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids! We offer a cradle cap service, where our licensed stylists will get you started in helping to lift those scaly patches and you show you the most effective way to do so yourself.

If you would like a bit more in depth information about Cradle Cap, check out this article. Or if you prefer a an even more complete list of symptoms and such check out the Medline Cradle Cap information page.

As always we hope this article help you find the information you need, and always feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or requests for subjects of future articles!

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