Curly Haired kids - what you need to know!

Curly hair can be both a icon of beauty and the cause of frustration equally for parents and kids when they do not have the proper tools to help manage it. However, with some great tips, curly hair can be easily taken care of.
Keep reading for tips on how to care for curly hair and what products are out there to help.

Not all curls are the same

As kids are growing, they may go through different phases of semi curls and waves. Even when cut, the ringlets and curls will remain. We have lots of parents who come in hoping that their babies’ curls will stay, however usually if the child’s hair is not actually curly then those gorgeous little baby locks will change with age. There are also many different types of curls, with different sizes and textures.

So, your kiddo has curls!

One of the main problems with curly hair is how quickly it can turn into a tangled mess. This is often caused by the hair being dry from too much sun, shampoo etc. However, there are many products and tricks that can help a great deal. Let us look at some bath/shower routine tips that help keep curly hair healthy:
  • First, curly hair should not be washed every day. For tighter curls you can even go so far as to not use shampoo except for once a week, and instead solely opt for conditioner.
  • After washing the hair, you should also put in a leave in conditioner or other type of product that will provide much needed moisture.
    • One of our stylist’s favorite products to use is the Original Sprout’s Curl Calmer. Curl calmer helps you to comb through smoothly and prevents frizz from occurring.
  • You also do not want to use just any old hairbrush. You should either use a wide tooth comb or a Wet Brush so that you glide through the hair, without breaking it.
    • If you are not familiar with what a Wet Brush is, we did a write up on them and can found by scrolling back through our previous posts!

Haircuts and Curls!

When a kiddo with curly hair goes in for a haircut there are some factors that should be kept in mind. First when curly hair is wet and cut it is going to bounce back up, once dry, so always have a good conversation with your stylist about your child’s hair length expectations. Next a regular trim across the bottom is a great way to keep those locks from getting tangled up in each other. Split ends can cause all hair types to tangle.

We can all agree how beautiful curls can be when they are properly cared for, and we hope these little tips can help with your kiddos curls. But, if you need a bit more help, have any more questions, or just want to say "HI!" to your favorite stylist, feel free to reach out!

*Feature image: Photo by Ricky Turner on Unsplash

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