Hair Donations, and Wigs For Kids!

We’re sure you’ve heard of donating your hair before. At Cookie Cutters we receive several inquires each year on if a parent or child can donate their hair. The short answer is yes, of course we can help with that! But, there are a decent amount of things to consider before hand. So, let us go over the basics, some things to consider, and the organization we have chosen to partner with. 

Is donating the right choice?

At Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids (Loveland & Longmont CO), we have partnered with the nonprofit organization Wigs for Kids. This group charges nothing to their hair recipients, which is something we admire! To put this into perspective the value today for one wig hair replacement, for a child, is $1,800.  According to the Wigs for Kids organization it takes approximately “4 to 5 donors to create one wig”. That, along with the impact that these wigs can have in the lives of the recipients, is why we feel that donating is always a good option to look at, if you meet the requirements!

Hair Donations FAQ

How long does my hair need to be?

  • There must be a minimum of 12 inches (recommended to have 14+ for best results).
  • You can come into Cookie Cutters and have your hair accurately measured beforehand!
Is there any discount for donating?
  • We give $5 off the haircut price, for people who have decided to donate and met all of the requirements to donate for Wigs for Kids.
Is my hair ready to donate?
It's actually probably best for you to speak with one of our stylists to determine that but here are a couple things right off the bat to consider:
  • Hair cannot be permed, color-treated or highlighted!
  • Temporary wash out color does not matter if it has been thoroughly washed out and is approved by one of our licensed stylists.
  • If you have any questions, our stylists are all licensed and qualified to make a decision if there is too much damage to hair to donate.


How to donate

  1. Please call and speak to a stylist before booking your appointment, so that we can allot the correct amount of time, as there is a detailed process on how we must section and cut the hair.
  2. Due to the length of time that the process takes, we can not do walk-ins for hair donations. And that means if you are late, we will most likely have to reschedule.
  3. Fill out this Hair Donation Form and Cookie Cutters will properly package the hair for you and give you instructions (remember the hair donation must be 100% dry or it will mold, making in unusable)!
  4. Once you have the hair and the donation form mail to:
  • Wigs for Kids - Hair Donations
    24231 Center Ridge Road
    Westlake, Ohio 44165

What about another Organization?

While there are other hair donation places, Wigs for Kids is the only nonprofit that we partner with. We have no problem cutting hair for another place you wish to donate but it will be at your discretion to research the company and find out how to go about donating the hair properly. We also do not give a haircut discount unless the hair meets all of the Wigs for Kids donation requirements, no matter what other donation places allow.


We hope that this has helped to inform you or your child's decision to donate hair to those who need it. And as always, if you have any questions, comments, or just a friendly hello, Feel free to reach out to one of our stylists today! 

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