Lice! Tips on prevention and removal of the itchy critters

Lice is quite common in schools and spreads quickly. Lice spreads easily among kiddos as they tend to share everything. Lice attach themselves to hats, coats & brushes. So, when a kiddo borrows, let’s say a hat, or tries one on a random store, then any attached lice can transfer to the child’s head.
While lice have a stigma of “dirty hair” it is actually the opposite. Lice like clean hair to attach to! So over washing your kiddos hair can not only dry their hair out but can also be a perfect invitation for lice. Now with this said, obviously normal bath/shower routines are needed. Just do not over do it, thinking that you are preventing lice.

Who gets lice?!

  • Anyone can get lice! Kids are more likely to get it because of what we explained above.
  • As a fun fact: Even though they are still susceptible, adult men are less likely to get lice due to their high testosterone levels.

Lice Precautions:

  • Don’t share coats, hats or brushes. Try to prevent your kiddo from trying on hats at the store.
  • Use Rosemary or tea tree shampoos, like Fairy Tales, to help prevent lice attachment.
  • There is a Rosemary Repel spray you can use (Fairy Tales) that you can spray directly on kids backpacks, jackets, hats, hair etc. Lice do NOT like Rosemary and will usually not attach when it is present.

Ok Dun, Dun, Dun! You’ve got LICE… now what?


  • *Purchase a professional lice removal product. Fairy Tales (carried at Cookie Cutters) has a great kit that comes with everything needed including the “nit” comb.
  • Bag up all pillows, blankets, lovies/stuffed animals, bedding and any recently worn cloths in a plastic trash bag. Tie the bag tight and leave for 48 hours. Do NOT just throw everything directly into the washer. Washing directly without bagging beforehand will not usually kill all lice and it will just show up again in a short period of time. By bagging the items, you are depriving the lice of oxygen, which will kill all nits and eggs.
  • After 48 hours throw everything into the washer, on your hottest water setting. Also, dry on hottest setting.
  • Check ALL members of the family! Lice spreads quickly within a home.
  • If you can’t get rid of lice (there are more resistant strains) seek out professional help from the Lice clinic of America.

**** NOTE: Did you know it is illegal for a regular stylist or barber to treat lice within a salon? The minute lice is identified by a stylist they are legal responsible to immediately end the service. If they do not end the service both the stylists professional license can be fined or revoked, along with the salon’s license!

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