Masks! Is your child required to wear one during their haircut?

Are masks on kids required?

This is a question we have been answering daily since COVID started in 2020. Are masks on kids required at Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids in Longmont or Loveland Colorado?

The short answer is no, masks are not required for your child.

But the long answer is that we have decided to let YOU the parent be, well, the parent!

  • If you want a mask on your child, then by all means our stylists are ready to work around that mask. We may need you to help hold any ear pieces as we will never touch your child’s mask. Now on the other hand if you don’t want your child to wear a mask, that’s just fine too! Part of working with kids is learning to move with any situation and our stylists do it well.


*All adults in our building are required per state mandate to wear a mask, including our employees. We are in full compliance with the Colorado Division of Regulatory agency (DORA), Governor Polis’s state mandates and our individual county mandates in relation to our mask policies. All of our staff are also up to date on current mandates, so please ask if you would like any clarification, or visit you do not believe in any of the state mandates or the COVID policies that we must follow, please do not take it up with our stylists but rather the state agencies themselves. Our stylists love their jobs and just want to be able to continue being able to cut kid’s hair!

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