Sensory Sunday

    Our special needs kiddos are not always fans of haircuts: some do not like to be touched, some do not like loud sounds and some do not do well with new places. As such we have created our Sensory Sundays in Loveland and Longmont, so that these kiddos can have one on one time with a stylist, in a quiet setting.

  • We open one hour early (9 AM) and do two half-hour time slots, before our normal business hours (normal hours Sundays 10AM). 
  • These appointments are pre-booked and we stress the point of being for our true Special Needs kiddos only!

    Our stylists are amazing in the creativity and patience they have with any kiddo. However, they go above and beyond on our Sensory Sundays! Our stylists have cut hair while sitting on the ground, while a child lays on the bench, and even while they stand in the play place. The stylists make every effort to create a bond of trust and are often requested by name.

    We have had parents leave in tears, not because they were upset but because they are truly thankful that their child got their haircut. It sometimes may take a bit longer but the quiet setting and custom attention generally is what helps the child get the attention they needed.

    So if you’re child has special needs or sometimes gets overstimulated in crowded settings, we highly recommend booking a Sensory Sunday appointment to give you and your child the comfort that will have them excited to come back for their next haircut!

    As always if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi to your favorite stylist, feel free to get in contact with us, and we will do our level best to suit your needs!

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