WetBrushes Abound!

Last week we introduced you to the WetBrush.

This week we want to cover the Flex WetBrush that is an upgraded version and our personal favorite! The Flex Brush has the same “Intelliflex” bristles but also the brush itself is bendable.

The overall flexibility of this brush means that it is never working against the hair. As the Flex brush comes across tangles or knots it glides through them, instead of getting caught. Both versions of the WetBrush are also completely ok to use on wet hair. The one thing to know to get the maximum potential out of this brush is you want to turn the brush horizontal in your hand, instead of vertical. According to our licensed stylists by brushing the hair horizontally it allows the bristles and the body of the brush to move smoothly through.

With kids, brushing knots out can be painful, if you have a WetBrush it will make it a whole different experience. Plus add in a few spritzes of a kid friendly detangler, like our Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids Berry Shimmer Detangler and brushing your kiddos hair will become effortless!


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